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Country Clubs are constantly challenged to update their facilities and provide additional services for their members. However, due to the management structure of most clubs, the capital improvement process is sometimes considered an art more than a science. If not effectively managed, the process can become drawn out, and in a worse-case scenario, projects can be cancelled, causing the entire membership to suffer the long-term effects of lower stature and decreased property values.

The first complication many clubs experience begins during the budgeting process. At that time, it’s important to have a contractor you can rely upon to prepare realistic estimates for membership approval. Then as the drawings are prepared, the design must be controlled in a way that produces the intended function and aesthetic impact but does not cause the estimates to be exceeded. Finally, once construction starts, your contractor must perform the work in a manner that minimizes the interference with club staff, ongoing club operations, and your valuable member services. Unfortunately, contractors often enter the process with little or no club experience. To them, your job is “just another job”, and they lack the sensitivity towards the budget, the design, and the construction process that is necessary to ensure success.

BSA has the experience it takes to effectively manage the process. We know that communication is key so we provide monthly reports to you summarizing important key indicators, allowing you to communicate project status regularly to your board, committees, and membership. We know working within member areas requires us to select different subcontractors who are respectful of your sensitive environment. And we know that you must be able to rely on a schedule that tells you every day what activities will take place to complete the project in the timeframes that have been committed. We manage and supervise our club projects to address these and the other unique aspects of club related work to get them done right.

Country Club construction is different, and so are we. At BSA, we understand it, and we understand the needs of the people responsible to make sure the job finishes right, on time, and on budget. That’s why BSA is the first choice of top country club managers in our area. Contact us today to help you navigate your way to success on your next club related construction project.